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After I checked out, why didn’t I receive an order confirmation or error message?

It’s likely that your order was not successfully processed. Please call our sales representatives at 888-410-1503 and they will confirm the order or place the order for you.

Why are items no longer showing in my cart?

Please ensure you are logged in. If you add items to your cart before you log in, they may not remain in your cart.

When trying to checkout, why is the system telling me my address is invalid?

Please ensure you are fully spelling the address, including information such as route, county, road, street, etc. If this does not work, it’s likely that your address is not identifiable with our address capture system. Please call us at 888-410-1503 and we will help you place your order.

Why don’t I see any rewards points in my account?

Please ensure you have not already redeemed your points. Points are issued for orders beginning July 2018 for Fitness and September 2019 for all other brands. Points expire every six months unless a purchase is made on the account, which will refresh your expiration date for six additional months.

Why am I not able to redeem my awards points at checkout?

If you leave the Titan Fitness site, the redemption reward may remove itself from the cart. Please contact us via the contact us or support button below for more information on redeeming your points. Choose Accounts: Rewards Points

I placed an order for a family member on my account. May I transfer the points to their account?

In order to transfer points, we will need approval from the account owner. Please have the account owner contact us from the email address the account is listed under and request the transfer.

Can I choose expedited shipping for my order?

At this time, we do not offer expedited shipping. However, most of our orders ship the same day as long as they are placed before noon CST. Orders that ship ground (under 150 pounds) generally arrive in 5-7 business days. Orders that ship freight (over 150 pounds) generally arrive in 7-10 business days with an appointment (residential deliveries).


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