Forestry Drum Mulcher Questions/Specifications


For any warranty, maintenance, or use case questions – contact Shea Connor, Conzer Seiei or Jason Hobbs.





Startup Maintenance (page 5 of the manual):

  1. Gear oil added (85W/90GL-5) – pages 7-10 for more details.
  2. Belt tension pulley has been greased


Compatibility requirements:

  • Skid steer quick attach mounting style.
  • Case drain line
    • 3rd line on the hydraulic ports connecting attachment to machine. The case drain line relieves any excess pressure from harming the machine, allowing fluid to drain back to the return line.
    • How can I tell if my machine has a case drain line?
      • Have the customer check with the machine manufacturer. We do not recommend speaking to the capabilities of a customer’s machine. Given the cost of the item, selling to a customer with an incompatible machine can lead to an extremely negative CX, not to mention hundreds in return cost.
  • Required HP /  hydraulic flow:  >85 HP / >21.1 GPM, >2700 PSI.  



Page 14 of the manual elaborates on the specs in the listing. Customers may have technical questions on the weight, operating PSI (pressure), required machine HP (horse power). All can be seen here.


If customers have technical or spec questions not covered in the manual or listing, we can likely get answers. Send them to Shea, Conzer, or Jason Hobbs. Should a customer have a question not covered in the manual I encourage you to ask the customer’s reason for needing the information, in an informal way. This can help break past the barrier of not having info in front of you and closing a sale or ticket. You can ask something similar to – “I don’t have that offhand, but I can certainly look into it for you. I’m wondering if that’s not something we should add include in the manual. To help me understand, do you mind explaining why that info is important for your case?”

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